Sustainability and giving back is at the heart of why Dawn Patrol Wines exist.


Trizanne Barnard, owner and winemaker of Trizanne Signature Wines (est. 2008) and now Dawn Patrol Wines as of 2015, yearned for positive change that would have a lasting effect on generations to come. Together with her craft for winemaking, the need to leave a beautiful planet for our children's children and her passion for surfing she saw a new opportunity that would link these to positive change.

Dawn Patrol Wines serve as a vessel for social and environmental give-back through its inherent ambassadorship for positive ocean awareness against pollution and positive rural community upliftment. Therefore, as our core values focus on sustainability, awareness and giving back, we are partnered with and proud sponsors for Ocean Pledge and Surfpop that are doing their vital part in creating positive change for future generations and our planet.





Our amazing partners in ocean conservation and community upliftment are doing great things! Ocean Pledge, created by longboarding champ Diony Lalieu, is committed to turning awareness into action by education around the startling statistics of plastic use in our country which fills up our landfills to critical volumes which leads to the excess waste being discarded into our seas, waterways and then land up onto our beautiful beaches. The "pledge" is based on accountability that creates change on a moral and physical level. Moreover, it has been a dream for Diony and Global Public Speaker & Coach, Verity Price, to start the Ocean Ambassadors Programme that would not only create more awareness around ocean conservation in our youth but also train the next generation of confident and knowledgeable public speakers to carry out the message to the world. Dawn Patrol Wines became the official sponsor for this amazing initiative and the pilot program kicked off with roaring success in April this year.

The program followed 5 sessions with a group of kids from Fish Hoek High identified as the perfect candidates to later become Official Ocean Ambassadors. Each session entailed a different speaker within the ocean related industry hand picked by Diony as educators around Ocean Conservation and awareness and was combined with coaching from Verity in communication, public speaking and leadership. The Source-to-Sea day took the kids out to learn about the ocean's ecosystem at the Save Our Seas Foundation and to make it practical, did a beach clean-up whilst learning about the life in tidal pools and on beaches. The group of kids Graduated on the 10th of August and are now running their own initiatives by taking the message of sustainability to other schools and even hosting their own beach clean-up with the 9-Miles Project in the next month or two.



Surfpop, as a charity on the other hand, is focused on creating sustainable futures for children from the underprivileged community of the Masiphumelele Township found just outside of Kommetjie. Daniel Botha, founder of Surfpop, saw the need and decided to create positive community upliftment because of his love for our beautiful seas through surfing, education and nutritious meals. Their program promotes physical and mental wellbeing, focusing on the sustainability of holistically healthy living to ensure bright futures.

Because of Dawn Patrol Wines' partnership with both Ocean Pledge and Surfpop, we thought it a brilliant idea to connect these two initiatives to create even a bigger ripple effect than what has already been taking place.

Since the graduation of Ocean Pledge's pilot program, the second round (which were also proudly sponsored by Dawn Patrol Wines) hosted a group of kids from Surfpop with its focus on "Whatsapp-based" mode of Education. It was found, however, that in-person interaction seemed to be more effective when it came to the implementation of practical skills around public speaking specifically with regards to critical writing, communication and leadership. The second round showcased more thought-leaders as speakers within Ocean Conservation to share with the kids about opportunities that awaited them after school. They also learned more in-depth around the ecosystems and the role of our seas in the greater scheme and why its protection is crucial. The second round also followed the same practical theory with the same number of sessions as the first and it is noteworthy that the kids' confidence levels grew significantly from session to session in their ability to share a story and have their voices heard.

Not only had the exposure to the emotional benefits of the ocean via Surfpop's program create an exemplary foundation for the kids' understanding, but by joining hands with Ocean Pledge and Verity Price - these initiatives together are creating vital change in the lives of our country's future leaders and we are proud to play a part in this great story that is busy unfolding.