Why we give back: Wine of the earth, surf of the ocean

We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the beauty that surrounds us. By reducing our carbon footprint, living consciously and sustainably, and educating others, we can all do our part for the environment.

The ocean is critical to the health of the world and all who value it. As surfers from South Africa who find peace in the backline and pleasure in the wine our soils produce, we wanted to combine our two great passions to give back to our oceans and communities.

For every sale made, a percentage of our profits goes to two great causes that stand for what we believe in — Ocean Pledge and Surfpop. We also pledge to pay you 15% of the total wine sales you make, in any given month, as part of the Amplify programme.


Ocean Pledge

Through the collective of individual drops of actions, Ocean Pledge wants to co-create the groundswell of positive change, turning the tide on single-use plastic and throwaway culture for good



Surfpop aims to create long-lasting opportunities for children and youth from disadvantaged communities around Cape Town, through surfing, education and nutrition.