Help us amplify the stoke of wine, surf and sustainability

Education is key to co-creating the wave of change. The Amplify programme is intended to get more people to switch to drinking sustainable wine, as well as to raise awareness about sustainable practices that give back to our ocean environment and communities.

Amplify helps environmentally conscious people like yourself sell wine in a decentralised manner that lowers the impact on resources and helps share the message of the ocean, sustainability and community upliftment. What’s more, each Amplify Ambassador is paid 15% of the total wine sales they make during any given month.

Ready to share the stoke? Your ambassadorship starts here:

Step 1: Sign up to the Amplify programme

  • Tell us why you believe in the brand?
  • Whom would you like to sell to?

To join the Amplify programme and become an ambassador, click here.

Step 2: Welcome!

  • We send you a personal, unique link that you can share with your groups.
  • Set up your WhatsApp, Facebook and email lists (or however you choose to communicate with your group).
  • Dawn Patrol Wines will support you with promotional WhatsApps and social media posts, which you can then share with your group.

Step 3: Amplify

  • Start sharing your link to start sharing the message of sustainability and community upliftment — it’s as simple as that.
  • The orders come rolling in!

Step 4: Orders and Delivery

  • Once a week, we collate your orders and deliver the wines to you.
  • You then deliver to your group of friends in your area.
  • Remember: you are responsible for getting the wines to your group, so cast your net only as far as you can deliver/ manage.

Step 5: Reward

  • And here’s the kicker — we pay you 15% of your total wine sales for the month. Sharing the stoke of surfing, sustainability and wine has never been so rewarding!

Dawn Patrol in a can perfect for sundowners