ANON. Pop Up Art Show presents RISE, an exhibition against gender-based violence

ANON. Pop Up Art Show presents RISE, an exhibition against gender-based violence

Trizanne BarnardNovember 16, 2019

We are stoked to support the ANON. pop-up art gallery's RISE exhibition. The gallery is close to our hearts, because it represents one of the things we truly love most about our country: people coming together to take a stand against injustice.

ANON. Pop Up Art Show presents RISE, an art show is in support of the movement against femicide and gender-based violence. A curated show of original artwork, protest posters and photography, proceeds on art sales are being donated to Nonceba Family Counselling Centre, a centre in Khayelitsha that supports victims of sexual abuse.

Taking a stand against gender-based violence, the show is an urgent call to RISE together to work towards creating safe communities and a nonviolent future.

It is also a tribute to those who have suffered or lost their lives: rest in power, we know who you are and you are remembered for lighting the way, in a dark time, towards a better future. One we would like to raise daughters in.

In a time of pain and heightened emotion for all of us, RISE seeks to focus on the positive outcomes of sharing stories and a culture of support.

How do we channel this powerful energy into positive change? How do we rise up stronger than before? How do we contribute beyond hashtag activism?

Through the show we would like to share a positive message that is forward-looking and seeks to work towards social transition and healing through open communication and creative expression.

The launch of the RISE show took place on 24-28 October at the Salt Circle Arcade.

Their next exhibition is taking place from 25 November to 10 December at 44 on Long in Cape Town, in honour of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

The Open Night of this exhibition is on 5 December, the last First Thursday for the year, at 44 on Long. Join us for a glass of wine and amazing art!

Visit their website for more info about the show: